Charity Concert - Saturday September 14th Caradoc Community Centre Mt Brydges

five musicians five singers four writers = ask me somethin'

Somewhere, later in life, you wake up one morning and realize you've had a belly full of compromise, time  is no longer squander-able, and telling it like is becomes paramount.  ask me somethin' brings you original songs and stories, weathered truths, some shiny new pearls, stuff that's earned.  All delivered with the skill and passion that comes with experience.  Members of ask me somethin' fill the room with  warmth and humour, skill and passion that comes with living life to the fullest and playing from the heart. 

Brian Abbey



From ‘The Wooden Jam Band’, to ‘The Dixie Flyers’, to ‘Rural Retreat’, to ‘Mudd Salad’, to ‘Blackwell’, to ‘Snuffy Jenkins’, and now, proud to say, AMS. It’s been quite a ride this 50 years. More music to come.    Special thanks to my good friend Hermie. Your love of music and generosity made it much more.

Thanks for all of it.  

Gail Ward



Gail aka Gypsy is a reincarnated dog psychic, insurance inspector, gospel singer, dancer, fine artist and Empress currently living for the 14th time as a musician.  Gail has thrilled audiences at many notable events such as Cleopatras third marriage and Lincoln's inauguration. You might not always understand her but she will always entertain you!

Mark Minor



Mark joined his first band ‘Cement Window’ at the age of 14 as a bass player with guitarist Jim White He's played with  ‘The Chimes of Freedom’ and ‘The Wooden Jam Band’. Mark  has resumed playing music during the last decade,  jamming at Pinecroft,  playing guitar and mandolin in the 8-member ‘Jammin' In The Cabin Band’ and as a bass player with  ‘West of Sparta’ and ‘South Street East’, to the present band ‘ask me somethin’.

Tom Kalman


Tom Kalman is a local farmer and musician singer songwriter.  He has had a very diverse musical journey over his lifetime, singing in his school choirs and learning to play guitar with all his local Aylmer friends,  Tom has played in a number of bands in Alberta and Ontario.  His friend, Bob Meharg brought Tom back into the fold of the Pinecroft musicians and was a founding member of the Jammin' in the Cabin Gang

Kelly Blair



Much of Kelly Blair’s musical youth was spent gaining “valuable experience” playing, quite possibly, every rowdy, smoke filled bar in the greater Niagara area... at least twice. After a time, the shine wore off the bar scene and he managed to find work in music education. Now, it’s widely known that music education is a soothing, virtually stress free gig. As a result, Kelly , perhaps misguidedly, longed for the musical energy of those days in the clubs and as retirement loomed an opportunity arose to play the acoustic music he loves with 'ask me somethin’


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